IoT 솔루션
Internet of Things : 사물인터넷)

유·무선 네트워크로 다양한 IoT 센서, 디바이스를 연결해 데이터를 분석하고 쌍방향 커뮤니티를 할 수 있는 환경을 구현하여 에너지를 절약하고 삶의 질을 개선 시킵니다.

Discover how our innovative services can support all your needs.

Bluetooth Mobile Apps Development


블루투스, BLE 통신 연동 안드로이드,iOS 어플을 개발해 드립니다.

Android 애플리케이션은 Bluetooth API를 사용하여 다음과 같은 작업을 수행할 수 있습니다.

  • 다른 블루투스 기기 스캔

  • 페어링된 블루투스 기기에 대한 로컬 블루투스 어댑터 쿼리

  • RFCOMM 채널 설정

  • 서비스 검색을 통해 다른 기기에 연결

  • 기기 간 데이터 전송 및 수신

  • 다중 연결 관리


Wearable Apps Development

시큐어 에서는 스마트워치(Smartwatch),

피트니스 트랙커(fitness trackers),

라이프스타일 디바이스 (lifestyle devices) 등의

웨어러블 어플리케이션 관련

다양한 서비스를 개발하고 있습니다.

주요 경험 : Apple WatchKit SDK, Android Wear SDK, and other hardware/electronic design integrations.

We design Wearable apps using android wear platform and android wear APIs that include next-generation UI that works smoothly on Android based wearable devices.

You can leverage existing Android features to extend and augment utility of apps for smartphones, tablets, smart watches, Google Glass using Android Wear platform and APIs.

Our Android apps developers design and create wearable apps which run on wearable devices or synchronize data between Android Wear and handheld devices without any hassles.

We are excellent for android wear app development with following components:

  • Synced Notifications

  • Voice Actions

  • Custom Apps

  • Data Synchronisations


We build powerful apple watch extensions to enrich your Apple Watch apps which are perfectly customized and tailored for your business needs.

Apple’s latest wearable is much more than quick notifications and simple interactions.

We are excellent for apple watch app development with these three components:

WatchKit Apps– In this category one can develop an app wholly for the watch that will be linked or connected to the companion app on the iOS device. One will be able to use the features and functionalities of the app within watch via watch interfaces.

Glances– One will be able to create read only app for the apple watch in this category. This will be a light weight version of your current iOS app. Read only notifications are example of Glances.

Actionable Notification– Actionable notification category allows a person to act on the notification if any in the apple watch. For example actions like Yes or No, Accept or Decline command to a notification.